the art of science
We're a small team of scientists creating the first-of-it's-kind NFT art. Sharing the beauty and wonder of science, and using it to fund life-changing medical research.
Our foundational collection is HUMAN - a unique NFT for each protein-encoding human gene. The building blocks of The Human Machine.
Each artwork features the protein as predicted by the AlphaFold AI system, with its aesthetics driven by data. For a full explanation see ourart explainer. Scientific data is stored as traits in the NFT, so that the collection can be explored and rare genes discovered.
30% of the proceeds of HUMAN and 10% of the royalties will directly fund cancer research via The Giving Block. 30% of royalties will go to a community wallet which will fund science chosen by you.
We have exciting ideas for future collections which will reflect other scientific objects. These will be exclusively available, free, to holders of HUMAN, with at least 80% of royalties to the community wallet.
GENE is using the Solana network, for its low fees and low carbon-intensity. GENE will be offsetting the small amount of carbon produced from the art production and minting processes.
The HUMAN collection pre-release is minting now at The details and dates of releases are first announced on our discord server, where you can join the community of genies.
the evolving roadmap
GENE is an evolving experiment, so we've split this into sections based on uncertainty:
    Definite plans:
  • Donate
    Donate 30% of mint proceeds to our partner charity, 100% of which will directly fund cancer research.
  • Animated genes [Q2 2022]
    Our first release to holders will be an animated version of their HUMAN NFT.
    We originally wanted HUMAN to be animated, as the protein structure is 3D and best seen with movement. Unfortunately the cost of rendering and storing so much video was very high, so we’ll be using some proceeds from the mint to produce the animations.
    We want the animations to be perfect, not rushed. We'll be sharing progress and getting feedback along the way.
  • Collection explorer [Q2 2022]
    GENEs are unique NFTs, so we'll build a webapp where they, and the genetic data behind them, can be fully explored.
    Future plans:
  • Release future collections [Q2-3 2022]
    From astronomical objects to subatomic particles the list of scientific objects that can be made into beautiful art is endless.
    These will only ever be available, free, to holders of the original human gene collection, as a thank you for making it all possible.
  • Funding science chosen by the community [Q3 2022]
    Our vision for this project is to create a sustainable scientific community that builds up its members through collaboration, advice and support. As part of this we'd like holders of GENEs to be able to select scientific proposals, which would then be funded from the royalties of future collections.
    Future ideas:
  • Updating NFTs
    Our science and knowledge is always evolving. Maybe holders could have the option to swap in their NFT for one with updated traits and art!
  • New types of NFT
    People are already experimenting with 3D nfts. For example OnCyber. Would this let you have a GENE sculpture on your coffee table in the metaverse? Whatever development happens in this space we want to be part of it.
frequently asked questions
Who's on the GENEnft team?
We're a team of three scientists, two of us have PhDs and are researchers in the genetics field. We're verifying with Proof of Pizza the Solana project validator.
Is GENE a generative art project?
No! Each NFT is a real gene in the human genome, with the artwork showing the protein encoded by that gene. These structures are in you right now, reading this answer. I guess you could argue that we're using the OG generative algorithm - 4 billion years of evolution!
When and where will HUMAN be minting?
The HUMAN collection pre-release is minting now at
What will the mint price be?
Our currently minting pre-release is priced at 0.2SOL.
How are genes and proteins related?
Genes are blocks of DNA from your genome that are translated into proteins. Within the human body, proteins work like tiny molecular machines, whose function is mostly determined by their 3D structure. We say a gene is expressed in a tissue when it is translated into proteins in that part of the body.
What traits will the NFTs have?
Where in the body they are expressed, sequence length, chromosome, structural confidence, citation count and strand direction. Full rarity at our medium..
Why Solana?
Solana has lower fees, faster transactions and an amazing community that we wanted to be part of.
What royalties will the NFTs be subject to?
A fixed percentage (7.5%) of any future transactions in the secondary markets (when you sell a HUMAN token you own) will be taken as royalties. These will then be shared between partner charity, community science funding, team and project expenses.